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Kids Photography Camp Greg Patterson Nacogdoches Retired SFA Photography Professor

Greg "Greg-O" Patterson

Photographer and Educator

Greg is a nationally published photographer and retired university photography professor of over 29 years. His interest in photography started at age 13. He has a passion for all things photography, especially teaching others.

Kids Photography Camp Cindy Patterson

"String Bean" Patterson

Studio Manager Extraordinaire

Cindy graduated from SFA with a degre in Education. She keeps the ship sailing smoothly while steering clear of storms. She is the joy in joyful, the laugh in laughter and the voice on the phone when you call the studio. She is also Greg's wife of 30+ years.

Kids Photography Camp Haley Compton

Haley "Hales" Compton

Photographer and Social Media Guru

Haley graduated with an Art degree with photography emphasis from Stephen F. Austin. She loves vintage cameras and riding in her hubby's cool Jeep on photography expaditions. Her commitment and loyality reign right along with her awesome red hair.

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Learning is FUN!

For kids and adults alike, learning photography is a creative outlet. If you're like most Americans, learning a second language is on your bucket list or something you want for your kids. Learning photography is like learning another language. Our photography classes and camps help to teach how to see like a photographer. It doesn't matter what camera you use, Canon, Nikon or iPhone. Seeing and thinking like a pro is the best place to start. We make it FUN and EASY!

Adult Class Info Kids Photography Camp Info