Visiting Nacogdoches and interested in photography?

The Olde Town Photo Walk is the perfect blend of history and photography. You will enjoy learning to "see like a photographer" all while taking in some of the best historic sites in the oldest town in Texas. With regards to Nacogdoches history, there is much to tell, some factual and, well, some maybe simply fun "rumors." Led by one of our trained photographers, you will be sure to learn a new concept or photographic technique. Our photo walks typically last 1-2 hours taking in 3-5 historic sites. As an outdoor walking tour, we are at the mercy of weather and refund due to any incliment weather.


Discover how a PHOTO WALK is a great way to learn a bit about photography and Nacogdoches

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Learn Something New

Do you have an interest in learning something new? Expert instruction and a fun environment are sure to excel your photography skills and expand your creativity. Keeping active mentally has far ranging benefits and learning photography will be something you can do the rest of your life.

Dive Deep into new-found skills at Photography Camp

Accept a Photo Challenge

Photography is exciting and a way to communicate! We make the photo walk fun and even offer a few challenges along the way. It's a way to stretch your skills all while keeping your eyes searching for the next great shot. We may even challenge those who are history buffs!

Build Lasting Relationships at Photography Camp

Fun Family Activity

Considering this as a family activity? We highly encourage you to bring the entire family. Combinging history and creativity is a win-win and when you combine that with a little exercise, it becomes a great family activity that you and your kids will enjoy.


What others have to say about learning with us!

"Greg, you are a master teacher; it is a sign of true professionalism and mastery when you take a complex topic and present it so others can grasp the concept. SFA is fortunate to have had you serve on faculty all those years. I am learning more than I ever have about photography, and I was very intimidated coming into your class. Feeling better now. Cindy, you are so gracious and kind. I appreciate your attention to our needs – like temperature, thirst, bathroom breaks, and perplexed expressions. Jim and I are excited to be learning photography skills we hope to use when we travel. Thank you for offering us this opportunity to learn."

"I have become somewhat lazy in my retirement and Greg's classes have like a kick in the rear for me. I’ve taken several House of Photography courses and have not been disappointed yet. They encourage me to get out with may camera and practice. The classes are fun, interesting and thought provoking. The small class size allows one to ask questions and receive a lot of valuable hands-on attention."

"I really enjoyed the Adult Photo Camp on Color. The venue is perfect for the small class and very comfortable. Greg and Cindy are amazing! I can’t wait for the next class!!"

"Your Exposure Triangle class was our 5th class at your studio and just as helpful as the other classes. We have expanded our ability to capture much better images, both in quality and artistry. The combination of your presentations and one-on-one instruction ensure that all participants, no matter their level of expertise, learn. We enjoy the hospitality provided and look forward to attending more!"

"Loved it! I loved having assignments that force me to look at images differently. The two days were great. We were in a relaxed atmosphere with encouraging students. Definitally pur the spark back in photography and helped me remember why I love taking pictures!"

"Greg, Cindy and Haley are excellent teachers. I absolutely ejoyed the shutter speed photography class where we learned how to SHOW MOTION and STOP MOTION. Greg is an amazing photographer and teacher making is so easy to learn. I can't wait to attend another class in the future."

"I certainly enjoyed the class and look forward to the new journey with my camera. You always open my eyes to new things but also remind me that photography should be FUN! I am very happy to have signed up for the Manual photography class."


Photo Walk Leaders

Kids Photography Camp Greg Patterson Nacogdoches Retired SFA Photography Professor

Greg Patterson

Photographer and Educator

Greg is a nationally published photographer and retired university photography professor of over 29 years. His interest in photography started at age 13. He has a passion for all things photography, especially teaching others.

Kids Photography Camp Cindy Patterson

Cindy Patterson

Studio Manager Extraordinaire

Cindy graduated from SFA with a degree in Education. She keeps the ship sailing smoothly while steering clear of storms. She is the joy in joyful, the laugh in laughter and the voice on the phone when you call the studio. She is also Greg's wife of 30+ years.

The historic 1898 Victorian Studio

House of Photography street view

The Victorian Albert A Nelson Home

House of Photography 2004-2023

Our studio was located in the historic Victorian home built for Albert A. Nelson in 1898. The home has seen many changes and owners over the past 100 plus years. It was designed by Diedrich Rulfs, who designed more than 50 homes, churches and buildings in Nacogdoches from the 1880s until the 1920s. Many are listed as Texas Historical Landmarks or National Register Landmarks. We have recently moved out of this space but still maintain the property. Our new location is close and reserved for scheduled appointments.

VOICE: 936-569-7116 REGISTER TEXT: 936-337-1003

Olde Town Photo Walk Details

Our goal is for you to HAVE FUN learning a little about PHOTOGRAPHY and NACOGDOCHES all while getting a little exercise. Photo walks are not designed for one to learn how to be a professional photographer. While a great ambition, that generally takes years of classes and practice.

Our photo walks are priced to be affordable for the entire family. Simply click below to see current walks and prices for each.

If NO walks are offered, please consider shooting us a text letting us know your interested dates and number of people interested. Our photo walks require a minimum of 5 participants. We are happy to schedule private photo walks for groups of 5 or more.

VOICE: 936-569-7116 REGISTER TEXT: 936-337-1003

{CLASSES} Learning is FUN! We will TEACH you to be a better photographer!

For kids and adults alike, learning photography is a creative outlet. If you're like most Americans, learning a second language is on your bucket list or something you want for your kids. Learning photography is like learning another language. Our photography classes and camps help to teach how to see like a photographer. It doesn't matter what camera you use, Canon, Nikon or iPhone. Seeing and thinking like a pro is the best place to start. We make it FUN and EASY!

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