Avoid the summertime "Brain Drain"

Studies show children will be behind a month when they return to school after summer break. Because of the cumulative nature of summer’s “brain drain,” by grade six, students can lose two full years. Critical knowledge that is lost is math and reading to a lesser degree. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that a camp experience is uniquely positioned to provide unique developmental needs for children. Consider photography camp as the perfect partner to family, school, and community youth activities in helping your child learn independence, decision-making, social and emotional skills, character building and values - all in an atmosphere of creativity and enrichment under the supervision of positive adult role models.

If you have kids between age 8-16 and are interested in avoiding the summer "Brain Drain" read on to find out more about Kids Photography Summer Camp.


Discover how PHOTOGRAPHY CAMP can help promote mental stimulation and physical activity

Build Unique Interests at Photography Camp

Build Unique Interests

If you’re child has shown interest in photography, what better place than camp to help them explore it? Unlike school when their afternoons and evenings are filled with homework and sports activities, camp provides the perfect week for your child to test their skills at photography. And, you never know where their interest might lead.

Dive Deep into new-found skills at Photography Camp

Dive into New-found Skills

Because photography camp is new in the fact that most students have never been exposed to it before, it’s exciting! We capitalize on that through engaging activities that take their learning much farther than they thought possible. Critical thinking and creativity are combined into a positive learning environment.

Build Lasting Relationships at Photography Camp

Build New Relationships

When peers are focused on the same thing, friendships are easily made. They get excited about showing off their shots while encouraging others on their successes. At the end of camp they are sure to have made new friends through their common interest and experiences in photography.

Forge Confidence at Photography Camp

Forge Confidence

There is nothing better for this than trying something brand new and finding success at it. The subject matter for each day is made to easily bridge to the next day’s learning content. Our content, also, provides for individualized instruction with success for each student built right in.

Express Creatively at Greg Patterson Photography Camp

Express Themselves Creatively

Photography is a skill that helps a student to apply critical thinking in real world situations. We leave the “classroom” on walking field trips each day to apply what they’ve learned. It's good exercise but more importantly a time to practice what they are learning.

Laugh and Have Fun at Photography Camp

Laugh and Have Fun

We understand that summer should be fun! There are no desks or grades. There is a time each day that we critique each other’s work, but it’s a time of encouragement, not judging. We’ve found this time to be the most enjoyable for the campers, as they WANT to point out the best in each other.


What past campers had to say about camp

Kids Photography Camp Testamonials Nacogdoches


Our daughter enjoyed each and every day of summer photo camp with all of the different lessons on photography she was exposed to. She loved the photo walks and making new friends. Thank you for making this a fun, learning experience!

Kids Photography Camp Testamonials Nacogdoches

"Hai Hai"

I love talking photography with my daughter at this level. She now appreciates the composition, skill, and creativity of it all so much more. Thanks to your camp she has a deeper love for the art of photography.

Kids Photography Camp Testamonials Nacogdoches


Our daughter came home so excited every day after summer photography camp. She couldn't wait to show me what she had learned which encouraged her to go out and take even more photos. She loved the daily "photo walks."

Kids Photography Camp Testamonials Nacogdoches


Greg and Cindy are excellent with the campers! Everyday my daughter talked about how funny and fun they made camp. She was sad on the last day because it had been such a great camp experience and she didn't want it to end.

Kids Photography Camp Testamonials Nacogdoches

"G Man"

Photography camp helped our son engage in activities outside his norm. He seemed to be throughly interested and equally excited as the next morning grew closer. Thank you for holding this camp!

Kids Photography Camp Testamonials Nacogdoches


Our daughter has had a great time at photo camp. She has learned a lot about photography and made new friends. She loves Greg-O and String Bean and is interested in attending your next photography camp.


About Your Camp Leaders

Kids Photography Camp Greg Patterson Nacogdoches Retired SFA Photography Professor

Greg Patterson

Photographer and Educator

Greg is a nationally published photographer and retired university photography professor of over 29 years. His interest in photography started at age 13. He has a passion for all things photography, especially teaching others.

Kids Photography Camp Cindy Patterson

Cindy Patterson

Studio Manager Extraordinaire

Cindy graduated from SFA with a degree in Education. She keeps the ship sailing smoothly while steering clear of storms. She is the joy in joyful, the laugh in laughter and the voice on the phone when you call the studio. She is also Greg's wife of 30+ years.

VOICE: 936-569-7116 SCHEDULE TEXT: 936-337-1003

The Victorian Studio

House of Photography street view

The Victorian Albert A Nelson Home

House of Photography 2004-2023

Our studio was located in the historic Victorian home built for Albert A. Nelson in 1898. The home has seen many changes and owners over the past 100 plus years. It was designed by Diedrich Rulfs, who designed more than 50 homes, churches and buildings in Nacogdoches from the 1880s until the 1920s. Many are listed as Texas Historical Landmarks or National Register Landmarks. We have recently moved out of this space but still maintain the property. Our new location is close and reserved for scheduled appointments.

The Portrait Garden

House of Photography Portrait Garden

The Portrait Garden

Deep East Texas only Portrait Garden

House of Photography boasts the only portrait garden in all of Deep East Texas. With greenery and colorful blooms year round, our garden includes a beautiful country gazebo, quaint pond complete with waterfall, rock flower beds, arbors, pergola, rock and stone paths.

We often hear clients say that they are utterly amazed at the variety of looks we can achieve from within our garden. This East Texas secret treasure is shared with our friends at The Cottage Restaurant.

Make this your child’s best summer yet!

Summer is just a few short weeks, so you want to be wise with how your child spends it. We think camp should be more than just fun and entertaining (though, it is;) and it should be way more than babysitting. Photography camp will help your child delve into a new skill that truly gives back to them for a lifetime. It’s a skill that easily builds upon itself with little work; it will make them a more confident and competent adult. At the very least, you’ll come away with some really nice photos by which to remember your family vacation!


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{CLASSES} Learning is FUN! We will TEACH you to be a better photographer!

For kids and adults alike, learning photography is a creative outlet. If you're like most Americans, learning a second language is on your bucket list or something you want for your kids. Learning photography is like learning another language. Our photography classes and camps help to teach how to see like a photographer. It doesn't matter what camera you use, Canon, Nikon or iPhone. Seeing and thinking like a pro is the best place to start. We make it FUN and EASY!

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